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The waiting is long… June 14, 2014

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Today, it’s been 75 days. No job. Not even a single light, feedback upon dozens of resume, online applications, offline application… 

Should i give up on this leap? Should i go back to where i was? I’m just getting dull…


14 Days … being unemployed April 14, 2014

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So, yeah. I finally got what I’ve been waiting for. The cutoff to join the new company has came. I decided not to continue doing the things that I don’t want to do for the rest of my life. I don’t know whether it’s a wise decision… but I took all the risks and crossing my fingers.

All the people who asked, mostly questioned “Why?” … “What will you do next?” … “What if, you don’t get any job?” 

Well, I don’t know how to answer those questions as well. I’m like… free jumping here. I hope the “net” will be strong enough though. And to be honest, I’m beginning to lose hope… shrinking faith… on questioning myself “Will I survive this?”


Menua di Penantian November 22, 2012

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Menua di Penantian

Getting Old in Waiting

Menua di Penantian.
Tukang becak di pinggiran jalan Kawasan Pasar Batik Kauman, Solo.
Menanti penumpang mungkin sudah merupakan hal yang biasa dalam hidupnya, beliau terlihat sangat tenang dalam penantian, di usia yang semakin menua.


I just can’t take it anymore… October 8, 2012

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Met an ex-colleague in a bus stop this afternoon. Opened with complaints about the company she’s working currently, how un-human it is, etc etc, and she’s about to resign tomorrow, and willing to pay for the penalty because she resigned before the contract is completed. It’s not like she already got a place to jump on (next company), she’s quitting without next destination. I said to myself, “Oh wow, she must be already in such condition that she can’t take it anymore”.

Job is not always easy to find, here in Indonesia, the number of unemployment is quite big. Some people are just willing to do anything, as long as they can keep working, getting some money to survive, to keep on living, and buy some things if there are some money left. These people are willing to suffer, to be “tortured” because finding the perfect job is non-sense. Better keep working and complain at the back, than, not working and still complaining, that’s what most people have in mind. Passion? Forget about it. We are not designed for that, we are designed to work, to suffer, … But, there will be some moment in our lives, that we just can’t take it anymore. It’s just reached our limit. We need to get out from this and break the bloody circle.



Please make me beautiful again… April 24, 2008

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My fatal mistake :

Gave my heart to someone who didnt give a damn thing about “handle with care”, so he ripped it off, tear it into pieces and threw it to the garbage can. I don’t know the reason why he did it, maybe this, maybe that, but too tired to figure out why… Whatever it is, maybe that I am guilty as charged… 

My resurrection :

The garbage collector came up, took me out from the garbage can. HIS desire is to make me useful. HE never cares how I looked like in the past, but HE knows what HE wants to do by taking me out from the can. HE’s changing me, I don’t know into what, the process is still in progress and the reshaping hurt me sometimes. But, believing only in the master’s hands … is the best thing I can do. 


Loving the things you do VS Doing the things you love March 24, 2008

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So, which side will you fall for ? The loving part or doing part ?

Loving the things you do

It’s a crazy job, exhausting, really pulling your nerves, your emotion, your energy, your private life, but still in order to survive your living, you oughta love the job.

It’s a crazy partnership, highly demanding, gives u hard times, pressures, but it’s about obligation, you must be in love with it… so you can enjoy every moments within.

Doing the things you love

Ow… look at the flowers, so beautiful, you spend hours or more just to look, to take care of them,  water them, feed them, picturizing them of how it will gonna look like after it grow. But you need something to make you able to have these flowers….

Look  at the house, it desirably needs a decorating touch, you would waste your energy, every calory you have just to have it fixed and you just can’t get rid off your eyes by looking at it, imagining how will it look like, … the hardest part is keeping your hands off since you just can’t stop to give every inch of the house the touch.. But you do need something to buy all the designing tools…

So, which side ?


Off the battle March 16, 2008

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James Baldwin:
Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does.
Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up

If love is a battle of war then,
I would like to excuse myself to get out from the battle at least for some moments.
Since I have wounds and blood shed all over.
Must admit that I’ve jumped into a battle without being armed, no war strategy, …
I just jumped there like an idiot who thinks she can get all of the necessary weapons and strategies along the war…
Now, I realized I’m gonna lose my battle if I don’t get the wounds healed soon…
So, I’ll be off the battle for a while, …
By the time, the wind wishpering that it’s my time to join the next battle, then I’ll be there and have prepared.